Indian Heritage of Cinematic Excellence

The Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) is a landmark event, proudly holding the title of the oldest and largest film festival dedicated to documentary, short fiction, and animation films in South Asia. Established in 1990 (initially as the Bombay International Film Festival), MIFF has grown into a vibrant platform showcasing the finest works by Indian and international filmmakers. Organized by the National Films Development Corporation of India (NFDC), the apex body of filmmaking in India, under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, MIFF remains a cornerstone of the Indian cultural landscape.

MIFF transcends borders, attracting entries from a vast array of countries, languages, and artistic styles. This creates a unique space for filmmakers and film enthusiasts to come together, share diverse perspectives, and explore exciting collaborative opportunities. It’s a melting pot of creativity, fostering dialogue and exchange of ideas that fuel innovation within the filmmaking community.

Championing Powerful Narratives

Documentaries have a long-standing history of sparking social change and shaping realities. MIFF recognizes this power by meticulously curating a selection of impactful Indian and international documentaries. Over the past three decades, the festival has become a nurturing ground for aspiring and established filmmakers who use their craft to make a difference in the world.

MIFF offers a rich and engaging experience beyond the red carpet and screenings. Specially curated programs like country focuses, retrospectives, tributes, and selections of award-winning and student films provide a diverse cinematic journey. To further ignite discourse, MIFF organizes workshops, masterclasses, panels, and open forums. These sessions delve into the evolving landscape of filmmaking, exploring themes of social change, technological advancements, and the ever-changing art of storytelling. Industry meets are also facilitated, fostering connections and collaborations in film production and distribution.

The First Documentary Film Bazaar

The prestigious MIFF is hosting its first-ever Docu-Film Bazaar, a three-day event from June 16th to 18th designed to ignite your creative spark. Imagine a vibrant hub buzzing with established filmmakers and fresh talent, all ready to collaborate and push the boundaries of documentary storytelling. This is your chance to connect with industry experts, get invaluable feedback on your project, and propel your documentary onto the global stage. The Docu-Film Bazaar is more than just a marketplace. It’s a launchpad for powerful narratives. Whether you’re in pre-production, knee-deep in editing, or ready to showcase your finished masterpiece, the Bazaar has something for you.

Showcasing Films, Recognizing Talent

MIFF not only provides a platform for exceptional films but also honours excellence. A distinguished jury of filmmakers, academics, and industry veterans meticulously evaluate entries. The most deserving documentaries, shorts, and animations are then awarded the coveted Golden Conch and Silver Conch, along with trophies and cash prizes.

The Festival, A Legacy

MIFF extends its reach beyond its primary venue, Mumbai, by organising screenings in other parts of India. At the 18th MIFF, films will be screened simultaneously across Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. This ensures wider accessibility for filmmakers, students, cinephiles, and anyone with a passion for cinema. MIFF’s commitment to showcasing groundbreaking films, fostering dialogue, and nurturing talent has cemented its legacy as a premier event for non-feature filmmaking in South Asia and a true champion of cinematic excellence.