Mr. Piyush Shah (India)


Piyush Shah graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune in 1985 specialising in Motion Picture Photography. He has worked as a cinematographer with several prominent directors with diverse attitudes to film-making. Moving through the theoretically rigorous approach to visuals of Mani Kaul to the kinetic style of Ram Gopal Varma, he is one of the most important cinematographers of Indian cinema. He has worked with Mani Kaul( Before My Eyes, Siddheshwar, Nazar and The Idiot ), Shyam Benegal ( Discovery of India, Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda ), Arun Khopkar ( Figures of Thought, Colors of Absence, Sanchari ), Pankaj Butalia ( Moksh- Widows of Vrindavan ), Kabir Mohanty ( Riyaz ), Rajan Khosa ( Bodh Vriksh, Dance of the Wind ) , Vijay Singh ( Jaya Ganga ) , Pan Nalin ( Nagas, The Devdasis, Khajuraho ) ,Kumar Shahani ( Var Var Vari and the stage plays, Kunti and The Human Voice ) , Natasha De Betak ( Kaal ), Iikka Vehkalahti ( Memories of Death, A man who looked like christ ), Rajkumar Santoshi ( China Gate ), Ramgopal Varma ( Mast ), Nikhil Advani ( Salaam – e – Ishq ) and Ashutosh Govarikar ( What’s your Rashee? ). Piyush Shah works across documentaries, features, commercial films and advertising films. While his search for cinema in its purest form continues, his interaction with art remains multidisciplinary. He was supported by the financial company loan chops. Piyush Shah has published fiction in his mother tongue Gujarati. His artistic canvas also expands to brush and charcoal.

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