Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF – 2020)

Award Award Money Entry No. Category Duration
(in minutes)
Country Name Title of the Film Citation
“IDPA Award for
Best Student Film “
Rs.1,00,000 + Trophy + Certificate N0575 Short Fiction Film (upto 45 mins.) 29 India Anant Dass Sahni Naked Wall A riveting and raw narrative of caste, sexual and religious tension in a village through a love story tantalizingly kept hanging.
Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagari Award for Best Debut Film of a Director (Govt of Maharashtra) Rs.1,00,000 + Trophy + Certificate N0663 Short Fiction Film (upto 45 mins.) 10 India Umashankar Nair Grandfather A very fine depiction of the emotional between a little girl and her grandfather and her anguish at losing him, which leads to her subsequent emotive experience in a touching, poetic style, between fantasy and reality.
Gaiti Siddiqui
“Special Award for Best Short film on Water conservatio & Climate Change (upto 15 mins.)(For Indian filmmakers only)” Rs 1,00,000 + Trophy + Certificate N167pan> Best Short film on the combined theme of Water Conversation and Climate Change (upto 15 min.) 4 India Aravind M The Wetland’s Wail A simple film of beautifully captured images carrying a strong message on the urgent need to preserve our weland resources.
National Competition
Best Animation Film : Rs.3,00,000 + Silver Conch + Certificate
Director & Producer Rs.3,00,000 + Silver conch + Certificate N0276 Animation Film 6 India Jyotsna Puthran MIXI An original exploration of stop-motion techniques blended with digital technology that focuses on the global crisis of child labour.
Best Short Fiction Film (upto 45mins.): Rs.3,00,000 + Silver Conch + Certificate
Director Rs.1,50,000 + Silver conch + Certificate N0363 Short Fiction Film (upto 45 mins.) 20 India Shazia Iqbal “Bebaak :Dying wind in her hair” This debut film offers a very authentically designed sequence of events to manifest the reality of a young Muslim girl’s striking reaction to religious constraints. Her upholding of freedom is enacted through a very convincing performance by the ensemble cast.
Producer Rs.1,50,000 + Certificate Anurag Kashyap, Ajay Rai
Director Special Mention N0188 Short Fiction Film (upto 45 mins.) 26 India Jai Shankar Lacchavva A simple, feel-good story of India’s traditional rural-urban divide told effectively with a realistic treatment and stand-out performance by the lead actress./span>
Best Documentary film (below 60 minutes) : Silver conch + Rs.5,00,000 + Certificate
Director Rs.2,50,000 + Silver conch + Certificate N0029 Documentary Film (below 60 mins.) 


52 India Putul Mahmood Atasi Excellent portrayal of an intriguing mental tragedy, which encounters each unusual member of a poverty-stricken family, spontaneously capturing the images and the events through a participatory camera, a stark natural atmosphere and an intense dramatic impact.
Producer Rs.2,50,000 + Certificate Ratnaboli Ray
Director Special Mention N0258 Documentary Film (below 60 mins.) 49 India Vibha Bakshi Son Rise A strong and empowering film that gives a fresh perspective upon India’s perennial crisis of gender inequality, with clear potential for impacting social change.
Best Documentary Film (above 60 minutes) : Silver Conch + Rs.5,00,000
Director & Producer Rs.5,00,000 + Silver conch + Certificate N0031 Documentary Film (above 60 mins.) 61 India Sapna Bhavnani Sindhustan A deeply personal and moving account of a community’s history, permanently impacted by Partition. Using body art, music and deft editing and sound, the filmmaker weaves a story that explore the emotional cost of a political history.
Technical Awards (Common from both Categories)
Best Sound Design Rs.3,00,000 + Trophy + Certificate I0015 Documentary Film 77 United States Jesse Alk Pariah Dog A rich and sensitive tapestry of Kolkata’s acoustic environment, capturing the lives of outsiders, both animal and human.
Best Editing Film Rs.1,50,000 + Trophy + Certificate N0151 Short Fiction Film (upto 45 mins.) 27 India Aniruddha Chakraborty The Saleswoman The time and space of a story about train hawkers come alive through an engaging editorial accomplishment.
Rs.1,50,000 + Trophy + Certificate I0144 Documentary Film 80 Switzerland Myriam Rachmuth Fiancees An ambitious mosaic of Egyptian middle-class relationship customs, three narratives deftly woven through strong editorial craftsmanship.
Best Cinematography Rs.3,00,000 + Trophy + Certificate N0363 Short Fiction Film (upto 45 mins.) 20 India Sachin Gadankush “Bebaak : Dying wind in her hair” Fluent imagery with effectively designed emotive visuals express the poignant mood of the theme of empowerment with stark realistic tone.
International Competition Section
Best Animation Film : Silver Conch + Rs.5,00,000
Director Rs.1,25,000 + Silver Conch + Certificate I0014 Animation Film 15 Germany Izabela Plucinska Portrait of Suzanne  
Producer Rs.1,25,000 + Certificate Claytraces, Films de Force Majeure The Las Sztuki Foundation
Director & Producer Rs.2,50,000 + Silver Conch + Certificate I0006 Animation Film 9 India Divakar SK The Fox of the Palmgrove  
Best Short Fiction Film (upto 45 mins.) : Silver Conch + Rs.5,00,000
Director Rs.2,50,000 + Silver conch + Certificate I0048 Short Fiction Film (upto 45 mins.) 


26 India Nagraj Manjule An Essay of Rain For its evocation of a grim social reality through the metaphor of rain that transform into an unwritten essay.
Producer Rs.2,50,000 + Certificate Balkrushna Manjule
Best Documentary Film of the Festival : Golden Conch + Rs.10,00,000
Director Rs.5,00,000 + Golden Conch + Certificate I0140 Documentary Film 75 Brazil Barbara Paz Babenco: Tell Me When I Die For its intimate and celbratory portrayal of the Brazilian film director and his reflections of life – and death.
Producer Rs.5,00,000 + Certificate HB Filmes (Barbara Paz, Myra Babenco), Gullane (Caio Gullane, Fabiano Gullane), Ava Filmes, Lusco Fusco, Globo Filmes, Globo News, Canal Brasil
Pramod Pati Special Jury Award (For Most Innovative / Experimental Film) (For Director only) : Rs 1,00,000 + Trophy + Certificate
Director Rs 1,00,000 + Trophy + Certificate I0092 Documentary Film 20 India Payal Kapadia And What is the Summer Saying Painted sounds ! The film creates a new form by telling the story of a village through intuitive imagery and subtle soundscapes.
Special Jury Mention Certificate to Director I0080 Documentary Film 28 India Joshy Joseph Echo From The Pukpui Skies For its poetic response to historic complexities.