BIFF’1990 Award Winning Films

Here’s the list of award winning films from 1990 Bombay International Film Festival


Name of the Award Title of the film Name of Director Country Award Money
(Film of 55 minutes or less including animation films)
a) Udel ( A Lot) Mr. Jaroslava Havettova Czechoslovakia Golden Conch
b) In The World of Legend Esani Souliman Syria Silver Conch
c) Elhadra Mr. Dhouib Moncep Tunisia Certificate of Merit
d) Tin Toy Mr. John Lasseter USA Certificate of Merit
(Film upto 40 minutes duration)
a) Voices From Baliapal Ms. Vasudha Joshi /
Mr. Ranjan Palit
India Golden Conch
b) Point Zero Mr. Jouvin Nicolas /
Mr. Loubete Karine
France Silver Conch
c) Tomorrow is Too Late Mr. Shashi Anand India Certificate of Merit
d) Voices Mr. Thierry Knauff Belgium Certificate of Merit
e) Dreams From China Mr. Fred Marx USA Certificate of Merit
(Films more than 40 minutes)
a) Black Square Mr. I. Pasternak USSR Golden Conch
b) In Memory of Friends Shri Anand Patwardhan India Silver Conch
c) Joe Leahy’s Neighbours Connolly & Anderson Australia Certificate of Merit
d) The Power of Solovki Mr. M. Goldovskaja USSR Certificate of Merit
e) Water and Power Mr. Pat O’Neill USA Certificate of Merit
f) Surname Viet Given Name Nam Mr. Trinh T. Minha USA Certificate of Merit


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