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Sanjit NARWEKAR is a Mumbai-based National award-winning film historian, author, publisher and documentary filmmaker with more than four decades of cross-media experience in journalism, public relations, publishing and filmmaking. A former news editor of Screen (1980-1991), editor of TV & Video World (1994-95) and Documentary Today (2007-2012), he has also served on innumerable film selection committees and juries including the National Critics Jury, MIFF (2006) and the Cinema Writing Awards and the National Film Awards (1999). His passion for film history has manifested in more than (written and edited) books including Marathi Cinema In Retrospect (1995), which won the Suvarna Kamal for Best Book on Cinema. In 2020, he was awarded the Bimal Roy Memorial Award as a recognition of his priceless contribution to film scholarship. His work as a filmmaker includes the Films Division-produced India Unveiled (1998), Lavni Rupdarshan (2004) and Nations in Turmoil (2011). He is presently working on a history of Films Division tentatively titled Documenting India: The Legacy of Films Division.