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Dan WOLMAN is an Israeli filmmaker, theatre director and academic who studied film at The Film Institute of City College New York and the New York University. His first feature film The Dreamer (1970) was an official entry at the Cannes Film Festival. His filmography includes Floch (1972), My Michael (1974), An Israeli Love Story (2008) and Valley of Strength (2010). His films have been screened at festivals around the world including Cannes Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival. He has recently received the  Lifetime Achievement Award at the Jerusalem International Film festival and the Silver Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival for his contributions to cinema. He was also awarded Arik Einstein prize (2015), the Lifetime Achievement award at the International Film Festival of India (2018) and the Ophir Lifetime Achievement award (2016) awarded by the Isreali Film Academy in recognition of his achievements and contribution to Israeli cinema and culture. He has taught cinema at Tel Aviv University, New York University, The School of Visual Arts and, most recently,  made a film with the students of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in Beijing.