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Ashley RATNAVIBHUSHANA is a journalist, author, film critic and film society activist. He is the director of the Asian Film Centre (AFC) in Sri Lanka and the founding editor of the journal Cinesith. As the foremost interpreter of Sri Lankan cinema to the outside world, his scholarly publications on Sri Lankan cinema include Early Sri Lankan Cinema and Its Association with South Indian Film Industry (NETPAC & AFC, 2012). He is also the co-author of several important publications on the history of Sri Lankan cinema including An Incomplete Sentence – The Cinema of Dharmasena Pathiraja (NETPAC, 2009) and LJP – Lester James Peries, Life and Work (AFC, 2004). He is currently a board member and the jury coordinator for the Network for the Promotion of Asia Pacific Cinema (NETPAC). He is also a member of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) and the president of the Sri Lanka Federation of Film Societies. He has served as a jury member at several international film festivals. His work with film festivals includes his role as the executive coordinator of the Commonwealth Film Festival (2013) held in Colombo and as the Senior Asian Programmer for the second edition of the International Film Festival of Colombo.