Here are some of the highlights from Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) held in 2008.

Retrospective & Special Package

HOMAGE: Films Division paid tribute to the filmmakers who passed away in the recent past. Films made by K. K. Mahajan, K. Vishwanath and Girish Vaidya.

SOUTH AFRICA – FROM THE MARGINS TO THE CENTRE: A Special Package of films from South Africa reflecting the socio-cultural and political development of the country since the dismantling of apartheid.

SAARC FILMS: Documentary & short fiction films from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal featured in this special package.

FILMS FROM BRAZIL: A Package of Documentary, Short and Animation films from Brazil made by prominent filmmakers were featured in this package presented with the help of the Ministry of Culture, Brazil.

JURY’S RETROSPECTIVE: This section comprised films made by the Members of the Jury i.e. Ali Kazimi of Canada, Wu Wenguang of China and Frank Scheffer of Netherlands.

CLASSICS: FILMS OF GREAT MASTERS OF DOCUMENTARY FILMS: This section comprised films made by Great Masters like Bert Haanstra, Robert J. Flaherty, Francois Truffaut, Istvan Szabo, Kristof Zanussi and Ritwik Ghatak. This package was organized with the support of National Film Archive of India, Pune.

FILM MEMOIRS: This section had biographical films made on great filmmakers like Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, Satyajit Ray, Bimal Roy and Naushad Ali.

FILMS ON SECOND WORLD WAR: This package comprised rarest film records of the Indian troops in action at various part of the world during Second World War. This also featured the battle of Britain, Russia and other major incidents of that period. This package was organized with the help of the Armed Forces Film & Photo Division, Delhi.

FILMS FROM NORTHEAST INDIA: Films from all the eight states of the entire North-East of India including Sikkim, reflecting the lives and socio-cultural and political milieu of the people were screened.

FILMS FROM JAMMU & KASHMIR: This special package of films depicted various aspects of the state through the eyes of the filmmakers from Jammu & Kashmir.

GLIMPSES OF FILMS DIVISION: This section showcased films on the entire spectrum of development of India made by directors of the Films Division since its inception in 1948. This section was presented by IDPA..

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